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                                 N.V. HERBEL’S ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION OF A FRAGMENT                                          FROM EDMUND SPENSER’S "EPITHALAMION"  


Zhatkin Dmitry Nikolaevich, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of sub-department of interpretation
and translation science, Penza State Technological Academy, fellow of the International Academy of sciences of the pedagogical education, Russian Writers’ Union member, Russian Journalists’ Union member,
Tan-Chagay Natalya Uryevna, Lecturer, sub-department of translation and interpretation science, Penza State
Technological Academy, 

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The article deals with the first translation of Edmund Spenser’s famous poem «Epithalamia» (1595) piece by N. V. Gerbel in 1874. The authors suppose that an inadequate representation of rhythm, vocal and stylistic devices of «Epithalamia»’s author in Russian interpretation make it difficult to see the Spenser’s creative innovation. But Gerbel’s translation happened to be performed in such a period, when the theoretical basis of literary translation wasn’t formulated. And the translation of difficult for interpretation «Epithalamia», excellent preservation of author’s
metre, well-known Spenserian stanza, allow it to consider Gerbel’s interpretation as an important contribution into perception in Russia of Spenser particularly and English poetry of Queen Elizabeth I epoch in whole. 

Key words

E. Spenser, epithalamia, English poetry, literary translation, literary tradition, intercultural communication, Russian-English literary connections. 

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